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Hunter Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Hunter Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Hunter fans are undoubtedly the most excellent you can purchase. Here we now have put jointly all the details you might have to recognize about fans before buying. Please be aware that there tend to be other roof fan manufacturers available who duplicate Hunter roof fan designs. However they are fast near of the same quality, the supplies they use aren’t as top quality as well as they can’t copy hunter fans patents such as whisper-wind along with wobble-free technologies, no-one otherwise can complement the Seeker lifetime warranty about the motor possibly.

Most Hunter fans have the reverse option that is especially vital that you reduce heating system bills within the winter, heated air can end up being directed right behind to where it’s needed through spinning the actual ceiling enthusiast clockwise. Hunter ceiling fans are available in the online stores such as Amazon, ebay.com etc. Anyone can purchase the best outdoor ceiling fans http://www.lightningceilingfans.com/best-ceiling-fan-brands/

Some facts to think when purchasing ceiling fans

  1. Just how much wind is really being distributed?
  2. Exactly how efficiently may the enthusiast move atmosphere?
  3. Exactly how calm or even noisy may be the fan?
  4. Would the actual fan wobble?
  5. Just how extensive will the actual fan final?
  6. Exactly how durable may be the end?
  7. Will the maker stand at the rear of the guarantee?

Many fans move hardly any air

A roof fan which looks good but techniques small air is really soothe to nobody. One from the keys in order to proper atmosphere movement is actually blade message. Unlike Seeker some producers skimp upon materials and do not use big enough or even powerful sufficient motors to aid proper edge pitch. So that they compromise upon blade message, sacrificing correct wind movement to lessen the tension on small or low-powered engines. Many enthusiasts also make use of extra slim blades to lessen cost. The decreased blade area means decreased air motion.

Why numerous fans tend to be less effective?

The quantity of energy the fan consumes as well as the volume associated with air the actual fan techniques determines the actual fan’s general efficiency. Little, small wattage motors could use little power, but additionally they move hardly any air, leading to very ineffective enthusiasts. Hunter fans are made to shift lots of air.

The reason why many enthusiasts are loud

An electric humming created whenever a ceiling fan is sprinting, is generally caused by poor architectural design and deficiencies in precision production. Some producers use universal, cheap ball bearings to lessen cost, despite the fact that these really are an ordinary supply of operating sound. Hunter fans only make use of the best supplies available.

The reason why many enthusiasts wobble

Numerous factors may produce enthusiast wobble. Substandard edge materials as well as improper edge sealing may produce rotor blades that soak up moisture as well as warp-a major supply of shake. Blades which are not coordinated in very carefully weighed as well as balanced sets may also wobble. Economical installation systems along with brooch fasteners may also contribute in order to vibrate.

Common factors inferior fans break up prematurely

Motor dimension and edge pitch aren’t specified as well as matched properly. Improperly set up on/off draw chains may be faulty and become pulled from the housing. Insufficient quality, screening, manufacturing as well as inspection methods send low class fans to promote. Defective engine windings can result in electrical shorts within the motor. Poor fan bearings might be “shielded” on a single side just, allowing dirt to key in and trigger premature failing. Inexpensive supplies, poor architectural and low quality manufacturing procedures are utilized to produce “bargain” fans.

Eclipse photography goes digital

Combining the strengths of conventional photography with those of digital computers produces stunning views of the corona.

Venus Transiting the Sun - Des Moines, IA

SOLAR-ECLIPSE photography is going digital, and our view of the corona will never be the same. Melding the wide-field, high-resolution capabilities of photographic emulsions with the image-processing power of today’s computers results in the most realistic views of the corona ever produced. “Wow! That’s exactly how it looked” are the first comments from almost everyone who witnessed the July 11, 1991, eclipse and were later shown the pictures here. While the promise of digital processing will surely affect how future eclipse chasers plan their photography, there’s no reason the process can’t be used with historic images residing in observatory archives and family photo albums.

As countless observers will testify, even the most spectacular photographs serve only as poor reminders of the eclipse experience. For all of its optical shortcomings, the eye is a remarkable detector. In a single look it can embrace all of totality — from the dazzling electric pink of solar prominences to the wispy tendrils of outer corona only a few percent brighter than the background sky. Photographic emulsions, on the other hand, have a much more limited dynamic range. They can capture accurately only a small segment of coronal brightness in a single picture, and photographers typically bracket exposures to record all of the corona.

Lunar Eclipse Winter Solstice Moon (once in a life time)

Darkroom wizardry, however, has succeeded in merging sets of eclipse exposures into a single view, and one of the finest examples appears on page 24 of this issue. Another technique for photographing the full range of coronal brightness with one exposure involves a radially graded filter. Densest near the Sun’s limb, where the corona is brightest, these filters gradually lighten farther from the Sun. Seen through a properly made filter, which is placed very close to a camera’s focal plane in use, the corona’s brightness appears more uniform. Although simple in theory, these filters are fraught with technical challenges that must be overcome.

But now the digital age is upon us, and tasks once considered difficult (even impossible) for darkroom workers are accomplished with the click of a mouse. Because image processing is playing an ever-increasing role in amateur as well as professional astronomy, it wasn’t a question of whether someone would manipulate eclipse images with a computer, but merely when. And the timing was perfect for the July 11, 1991, eclipse that swept across Hawaii and much of Mexico. It was the longest totality since 1973, and its nearly 7 minutes of midday darkness will not be exceeded until the year 2132.

Following the eclipse I was milling around the Cabo San Lucas airport in Baja California, waiting for a flight home and chatting with some of the familiar faces in the crowd when I bumped into Steven Albers. It proved to be a particularly fortunate meeting.


Lunar Eclipse VOL. Kid Cudi aka Man on the Moon

Albers, a long-time amateur astronomer and computer expert, works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado. He was well aware that no single photograph could do justice to the eclipse he had just experienced. Even before our chance meeting he had resolved to try making a computer mosaic that would realistically portray the corona, but he had camera problems during totality. The images I’d shot on 120-format, ultrafine-grain Kodak Ektar 25 film with a 4 1/8-inch f/15 refractor seemed like an ideal starting point for Albers’s project, and on the spot I offered them for use.

Four of the bracketed exposures covered the inner and middle corona with excellent resolution, and they were transferred to 4-by-5-inch transparencies for Albers’s use. My telescope’s 2 [degrees].1 field of view did not fully encompass the corona’s unexpectedly long streamers. (This eclipse occurred at an active part of the solar cycle when the corona is typically round and lacking in the long equatorial streamers seen with the Sun near sunspot minimum.) For the outermost streamers, Albers turned to an exposure Gary Emerson of Golden, Colorado, had made on 35-mm Fujicolor 100 film with a 500-mm f/8 telephoto lens.

Lunar eclipse

Albers had all five images digitized by David Sime of the High Altitude Observatory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Using a Kodak scanner, Sime produced black-and-white image files that had a resolution of approximately 2,000 by 2,000 pixels and recorded 4,096 levels of brightness (12-bit data).

Now Albers was ready to begin his processing with a VAX 6420 computer. Each image had to be registered with the others. Because the Moon’s limb moved between exposures, prominences were used to anchor views of the inner and middle corona. But the prominences were lost to overexposure in Emerson’s shot of the outer corona, so Albers instead registered the image using the star Delta Geminorum, which was visible less than 1/2 [degrees] west of the Sun’s limb.

4/365: Eclipse 2011

Computer routines were developed for isolating the region of corona optimally exposed in each image. The brightness range was then compressed so that it could be displayed within the limits imposed by his computer monitor, and each image had its contrast stretched such that it would blend evenly with the others. With what must surely be an understatement, Albers comments, “After some tinkering, I had a pleasing image that rendered the larger coronal streamers visible over their full length.” It was here that he turned to spatial filtering to enhance fine coronal features as well as reduce film grain apparent in the image of the outer corona. The filters were customized in both their radial and azimuthal directions to accommodate features in the corona.

“Color rendition is one of the more artistic aspects of the mosaic,” notes Albers, who added color to the black-and-white mosaic. Because the intensity of light in the processed image is not a one-to-one relationship with the original, a method was devised to preserve the relationship of hue and saturation and render the inner corona a more yellowish, “Sun-like” color compared with the outer corona that blends with the bluish cast of the surrounding sky.

A Shortcoming–The O III Gap


NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Visits Baltimore

As with any form of digital imaging, you can make improvements by increasing the amount of input data. For example, a stack of two or more color exposures can replace the single color exposure. The same applies for the Tech Pan exposure, but the greatest benefit is usually obtained with multiple color exposures. The best image of the Pelican Nebula at upper left was formed using five exposures –two on Tech Pan and three on color film.

A filtered Tech Pan exposure can be used in place of the standard unfiltered one. Specifically, if the target is faint and shines primarily in red hydrogen-alpha light, as is often the case for emission nebulae, then a red-filtered Tech Pan exposure can give superior results.

A final variation is to use different optical systems for the component images. As explained earlier, only the Tech Pan exposure needs to have high resolution; the color exposure can therefore be taken using a shorter-focal-length (and often photographically faster) system. The color information for the composite image of the Eta Carinae Nebula on page 132 was made from a stack of two exposures with 135- and 300-millimeter telephoto lenses, the Tech Pan image with my 5-inch f/6 refractor. Also, note the very different telescopes used for the image of the Horsehead Nebula on page 127.

A Shortcoming–the “O III Gap”

Gemini North telescope, Mauna Kea Observatory

The Lab composite technique has a significant shortcoming in color accuracy. Color film is notoriously poor at recording the blue-green emission from doubly ionized oxygen (O III) and, to a lesser extent, hydrogen-beta (H[beta]) light, both of which have a strong visual presence in emission nebulae. Also, Tech Pan (Technical Pan was an almost panchromatic black-and-white film produced by Kodak.) has relatively poor blue-green response compared to its excellent red sensitivity, so in an unfiltered Tech Pan exposure reds are overrepresented relative to blues and greens. So, just as for astrophotography using color films, the method falls short on rendering important blue- and green-emission wavelengths.

This “O III gap” is the bane of color astrophotography. The tricolor method, with the blue and green filters chosen so that they transmit the H[beta] and O III wavelengths, offers a solution but requires three long, separate filtered black-and-white exposures. I’ve recently been experimenting with a compromise method that introduces instead a single cyan-filtered Tech Pan exposure into the Lab method. The initial results look promising.


Orion Nebula - new image from Hubble & Spitzer

As recently as a few years ago, some astro imagers believed that the age of film astrophotography was coming to an end. However, as demonstrated by this article, the Lab method can breathe new life into this field by melding modern digital technology with the traditional, emulsion-based method.

The Lab composite technique is an effective way to produce sharp color images. Using just two relatively short, unfiltered exposures, you can produce crisp color composites. The wonder film of astrophotography, Kodak Technical Pan, can indeed shine in color. Technology, in terms of both hardware and software, has now evolved to the point that this exciting new digital-processing technique is within the easy grasp of film astrophotographers.

The Lab Composite-Imaging Method

Macro Telescope

The Lab method, step by step: [1] The author made the original exposures for this composite of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, with his 5-inch refractor and gas-hypered, medium-format Tech Pan and Kodak Pro 400 PPF color film. The color exposure has been cropped so it is contained within the black-and-white exposure. [2] The Tech Pan exposure is then registered to the color exposure and cropped to the same size (using RegiStar). [3] With Adobe Photoshop, the L channel of the Lab color image is replaced with the Tech Pan image modified in step 2. The resulting composite Lab image has the color information of the original color exposure and the brightness information of the Tech Pan exposure. [4] The composite image has its contrast tweaked.

An avid astrophotographer with a keen interest in digital imaging, RAJIV GUPTA is a mathematics professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and the first vice president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. He is also the editor of the RASC’s annual Observer’s Handbook and Observer’s Calendar. He can be reached at gupta@interchange.ubc.ca.


The use of high resolution composite color digital imaging in astronomical photography is discussed.

Steps to clean your current Furnace Filtering

Steps to clean your current Furnace Filtering

Are you shunning the actual inevitable require to alter your own furnace filtration system? Is it some of those boring jobs that you simply feel you want not to attempt because you’re no grasp of mechanized capability? Well, you may stop stressing and alter your heater filter within a couple of minutes, as well as in only 3 easy and simple to pursue steps.

You may think that altering your heater filter is actually more associated with hassle than it’s worth, however in actuality, your heater’s filtration system is an essential piece associated with household home. Properly cleaned out furnace filters cannot only safeguard the respiratory system health of the family through filtering dangerous and exciting substances from the atmosphere, but moreover, it may help your own furnace to operate more efficiently because of an open up airflow, not just saving a person money, but additionally reducing the danger of a house fire due to a blocked filter.

You ought to check your own air filter systems for impasse at least one time a 30 days, particularly if you are using continuous heat through the winter period. While individuals still make use of disposable fiberglass filter systems, the reusable filters which are out available on the marketplace have a number of advantages within the old, utilize as soon as and discard fiberglass filter systems.

Very quickly you ought to see a rise in your own furnaces effectiveness (and therefore lower expenses), and with no need to purchase an innovative filter for each filter alter, you should visit a direct profit from using reusable heater filters.
At present you could see the requirement of altering your heater filter whenever you ought to, and the advantages of using the reusable filter instead of the throw away fiberglass filter systems, I will tell you the fast and simple 3 steps approach to changing your own old filter for a brand fresh one.

Step One: Reduce the liquid! Never focus on any digital or gasoline powered product without very first detaching the ability and energy sources. You do not want your own first heater filter upkeep job to become your final.

Step Two: Find and open up your furnaces upkeep service solar panel. You may desire to refer for your furnace person manual to determine if you want any tools with this task. Some heater doors open manually, while other people are screwed within or attached in another method to keep illegal fingers and mind out and from hazard. You might require a screwdriver or even other easy tool.

 Step Three: Locate the item that appears as a spongy bit of paneling or even other big rectangular object having a width associated with 1″ or even slightly much more. It is the furnace filtration system. Pull this out and find out if it must be cleaned whether you are using washable heater filters or even restored if you are using disposable heater filters.

Grasp it up to and including lamp, eye-port, or other source of light. If you cannot see with the filter, after that it’s time to use it. If it doesn’t need changing, then reinsert this, close the actual furnace upward, and reunite your electrical (as well as the gas for those who have a gasoline fueled heating unit), or you are able to continue using the clean-up or even replacement procedure. You can’t ever clean or even replace your own filters all too frequently, but should you are unsuccessful to keep them, you are able to run in to serious difficulties.

If you’re using the fiberglass filtration system, buy the very same build and type of filter with regard to replacement while you removed, as well as follow the whole process talked about earlier, only backwards. If you’re using the reusable filtration system, you don’t even need to cranium for that store, simply take a hose or additional water supply (ideally outdoors), and thoroughly fresh the filter of dirt as well as debris prior to replacing it rather than purchasing a brand new furnace filtration system.
Make certain to allow clean filtration system dry totally before reinserting in to your heating unit, to guarantee greater effectiveness and also to reduce the danger of leading to instant re-clogging.

These are the 3 easy steps and ten min’s tops. If you want to replace filter for your furnace, read this tutorial. Relax as well as revel in the warmness.

Reasons to possess a Range Hood

Reasons to possess a Range Hood

During the actual cooking procedure, air pollutants such as vapor, grease contaminants, smoke, and odors show up from the actual cooking area. Gas cooktops as well as ranges include carbon monoxide along with nitrogen dioxide towards the mix, and grilling covers it away with quantities of oily smoke.

Moreover, excess moisture in the dishwasher, evading odors in the trash may, the residual smell associated with last night’s takeout, and several other resources, together produce a serious quality of air problem.

Range lids solve this issue by getting rid of the contaminated air towards the outer surface (ducted set up) or even cleaning this with a number of filters.

Nevertheless, besides the most obvious benefit associated with keeping your cooking place air odor-free, range lids offer other, more delicate, advantages.

The actual hot, damp, greasy effluent brook made by catering is actually suctioned within and worn out outside, rather than letting this blow right inside your face. Every cook who expends a substantial period of time into your kitchen atmosphere will verify the distinction between cooking food in comfort as well as ease, and needing to endure the spray bath for many hours.

When we’re about comfortable cooking food, it may be value noting that the overhead variety hood offers additional illumination, right where you’ll need it probably the most part. One from the deliberations for picking out a range lid ought to be the sum associated with light it offers, as nicely as the kind of lighting — neon, incandescent, halogen, or perhaps a combination.
Remember that the light bulb wattage doesn’t need to end up being high, because the hood is going to be much nearer to the cooktop compared to room lighting. Besides, operate the lights, a few high-end custom range hoods provide spectacular lighting, and a few hoods likewise incorporate warming lighting.

Keeping the environment free associated with grease as well as excess dampness also puts the whole kitchen solution. Airborne oil and moisture made by cooking forms on kitchen area surfaces, leaving the sticky movie on cupboards and counter tops – but having a range cover, those contaminants are eliminated, making kitchen area cleanup easier and quicker.

The heightened range cover models even provide a feature which keeps the actual lid running on the 10-15 moment timer following you’re carried out cooking, to be able to fresh the final traces associated with odor after which quietly switch off.
By making the contaminated air outdoors, the variety hood produces negative stress, which leads to the thoroughly clean outdoor atmosphere to go in the house, improving the environment quality through the house, not only in your kitchen. Removing dangerous chemicals, advertising good air flow, and getting rid of moisture & oil creates the healthier atmosphere, which is particularly important for anybody suffering through asthma, COPD, allergies, along with other respiratory difficulties.

Range hoods additionally promote creativeness in cooking food. Having a highly effective kitchen air flow solution allows the daring chef test out unusual foods that could or else not be looked at due in order to strong smell. Curries, Kimchi, Roquefort parmesan cheese, natto, Durian as well as jack fresh fruit, sardines as well as caviar, and a number of other pungent elements – just about all become a lot more tempting once you do not have to worry regarding their odor lingering within the kitchen as well as settling in to soft furnishings at home. Even roasting salmon as well as garlic aren’t a challenge intended for any powerful, correctly installed as well as ducted, cost to do business range cover.

Certainly, just because a product is functional doesn’t mean this can’t appear good. A custom range cover can add an ideal finishing touch towards the kitchen room, expressing the actual owner’s distinctive sense associated with taste as well as defining the kitchen area as one’s heart of your kitchen.

If the kitchen drawing requires a big bony “pro-style” cover, or the sleek Italian language beauty along with curved cup, or a vintage hood along with wood cut, there is really a perfect drawing available to complement any kitchen area.
Since you can observe, there are lots of causes to set up a variety hood inside your kitchen. Price depends on the designs as well as models.

How to design a game shop

The introduction and development of Internet has created more technologies and entertainments for people. Among many others, playing games is become more and more popular. People can spend several consecutive hours of seating in front of the computer, especially the teenagers to play games. For gamers, of course they will have their own computers at home but it is the tendency that it will be funnier and more interesting when playing game at the game shop outside. Therefore, many game shops are emerging with different kinds and styles which are suitable for different kinds of games.

In order to run a business of a game shop, the first thing you have to do is to design your game shop. So how to design a game shop will be presented below for your reference if you are going to operate business in this field.

  1. Deciding the layout and overall decide of the game shop

So as to make the arching design for the game shop, you should identify the feature of the location you are going to set up a game shop. If your game shop is in the city there will normally be modern style but if your game shop is located in the countryside, then the style will be different. Do not try to make your gaming space so strange that no one would like to come.

The next issue you have to identify is the area of the game shop. You have one floor or 2 floors for the game shop. There is a need for a parking area for the game shop.

  1. Improving the game shop

After you choose the overall style for your game shop, then you will start making the design layout, meaning how to put tables and chairs and other necessary items for a game shop inside the space. Designer will help to make it for you. But before you actually put them in place, you must improve the game shop.

Almost all location or area for the game shop is an available room, now you have to improve the room. Repainting the wall of the room or use the wall paper or you can save money by keeping the wall but you can stick some pictures or some advertisement poster of some games on the walls. It is up to you, to the quality of the wall and to the budget you have. However, always keep in mind that the color of the wall must be in line with the theme of the game shop you already decide before.

How’s about the floor? Do you need to improve them? Then of course it depends on the quality and the thing is that if the customers have to take off shoes when coming to your game shop or not. If yes, the brick floor is more suitable rather than a carpet floor.

Another item inside the game shop you should improve is the fan system. You can save the space by using wall fan or ceiling fan. By using the ceiling fan you can save money. Then you have to design the space for the fan in the design layout. Meaning you have to identify within this largeness of area how many fans are needed. If you think you can get a profit, or in other words the revenue you can earn can be over the cost then you can arrange the air conditioners. So in the design layout, there should be place for air conditioners even though you can not equip right now but there should be in case you may do it in the future. For some modern game shop, owner can equip his game shop with a generator but it depends on the budget. So think of it in the design layout to make sure that if in the coming time there should have the generator then you have the space for it.

  1. Other rooms in the game shop

Not like a house, there are not many rooms in the game shop, except the toilet and the small area for cooking in case the game shop is going to provide eating services to their customers. In designing the overall layout, there should be place for a toilet, if the toilet is already inside, then you should avoid putting the game tables, chairs or devices near the toilet to make sure that no power shock or mildew can attack the electric devices.

  1. Space in the game shop

Now, you can come to the step of deciding how many tables and chairs will be put inside your area. Before you decide that you should know the area which is needed for a table and chair and a computer and supplementary accessories. Designer may propose for you to have a connected table for your game shop with wooden separating stick. By equipping this you can save the space. Each area will be enough for a monitor, a computer case, a case broad, a mouse, a UPS and other necessary items. Then you have to choose the suitable chair. There are wide ranges of categories of chairs for a game shop available in any shop which can satisfy all your requirements.

Then you have to calculate space for your rubbish bin in order to keep your area clean and fresh. In the table, you should have space for the customers to put things on such as glass of water, ashtray and so on.

  1. Electric line design

This is the special feature which makes the game shop different from other kinds of architecture design. There will be a lot of electric devices and lines in the game shop. In order to make your game shop tiny and good looking as well as to ensuring the safety of customers the electric line should be effectively designed in the layout. There should be the original power source which will provide the total power for all the devices. The power source must be somewhere inside and far from customer area.

Socket must be placed with reasonable distance. Plastic stick can be used to put electric lines inside.

Features needed to be considered for choosing an electric tea kettle

  1. Brand of manufacturer: Of course, in the marker there are many types of electric tea kettle. They can be international brand imported into the country by multi international manufacturers. For some, they can be made of joint venture. There are many famous brands of manufacturers such as Philips, Zelmer, Tefal, Panasonic and so on. People have the tendency to choose the well-known one because they believe in the reputation as well as the back up office and warranty service provided by good brands.
  2. Capacity: the capacity of the ordinary electric tea kettle can be from 1500W and 3000W, in which the most popular are the ones which range from the capacity of 1800W to 2200W. The high capacity electric tea kettle can be above 2400W, which are made by European brands. Normally the domestic brands only offer the one with capacity of below 1800W.
  3. Material of the body of the tea kettle: The material of the inside of the electric tea kettle is the stainless steel, the cover of the tea kettle can be plastic or metal with anti-burning substances. This is very important because it can help you to avoid being burnt by the hot water.
  4. Structure of the electric tea kettle: Normally the bottom of the electric tea kettle can be stick or separating with the body of the tea kettle. But the separating one is more popular, meaning the body of the tea kettle will be for containing the water, and the heating spreading part will be in the bottom and will be separated with the above part. The above part of the tea kettle can be rolled 360 degree, the electricity line will stick to the bottom of the tea kettle. After the water is boiled, you can take the tea kettle out of the bottom part.
  5. Showing the water level: Every electric tea kettle can have at least one column to show the water level in the body of the tea kettle, a led lamp can be shown together to get the emphasis of the user.
  6. Showing the time: Normally, the electric tea kettle will not have the monitor to show the time however some well known brand now designs the monitor which can show the time. If you need to see the time, you can choose this type
  7. Other benefits: Other benefits can be the bell when the water boils, the tea kettle will automatically stop working when the water boils or there are some cases of electric failure and so on.
  8. Warranty service: All the electric tea kettles will have one year of warranty service. For some European ones, the warranty service can extend to 24 months.
  9. Price: The normal price of the electric tea kettle can be from 20 to 50 USD. The European one can be from 50 to 100 USD for some famous brands.

In general, for other information of the best electric tea kettle, you can visit the website bestteakettlecenter.com.

Three parts of a good feng shui making

In your entire life, you spend most of time relaxing on your bed. It is considered the most influential feng shui piece of furniture in your whole life. Your bed and your energy have a strong and close connection. The feng shui of your bed affects directly on your sleep which relates closely to your health. Therefore, the feng shui of your bed plays an important role in your health status. The better feng shui of your bed are made, the better health improvement you can get.

So what are included in a great feng shui bed? There are three good things:

  1. An ideal headboard

When you fall deeply asleep, your body starts processing complex and busy energy repair work on different level. Bed headboard does the function of backing and protecting your head, keeping it stable that makes you feel safety and secure while sleeping. it is ensured the repair process happening without distraction.

The best headboard is solid and often made of wood.

  1. A comforting mattress
  • On the market, mattresses made of many types of material and integrated with many different and interesting are advertised widely. You need to have wise choice to pick up the most suitable mattress for you. Each person has unique and distinctive atopy and feng shui feature. One mattress can be the best for many other people but not really appropriate for you.
  • Quality of mattress has influence on feng shui energy, therefore do not save an small amount of money by purchasing an used mattress. It is because you do not know what kind of energy accumulated in this mattress by the previous user.

  1. A good height

Energy flow under and above your bed should be balanced this is the reason why height of you bed is highly considerable. During your sleeping, the flow of chi energy is still circulating around your bed. According to many Feng shui experts, the ideal height of a feng shui bed is 18 inches or 45.72 centimeters. Both too high and too low bed makes you feeling of insecure. If your bed is higher than length of your shank and when you wake up, you can put your feet on the ground, it will make instability and even cause accident. However, if your bed is too low, there will be not enough space for the flow of energy circulate and make it irrespirable.

We hope that elainhome.org provides you useful knowledge to create a best feng shui bed.

Tricks to warm and comfort your house in winter

The winter is coming. The unique features of winter are coldness, the wet along with dryness which lead to many different respiratory diseases such as flu, and cough. To avoid suffering those typical diseases of winter, you have to make your surrounding atmosphere warmer and cozier.

There are some directions to create warmer and cozier house without the least usage of energy.

  1. Make your room as much simple as possible. Winter is not season of light fixtures and dusty bulbs. It is proved that your house gets 30% brighter after clean dirty light fixtures and dusty bulbs.
  2. Eliminate all the air leaks. Window is not the only entrance for cold air attacking to your house. There are so many other entries for them such as gaps stealthy gapsaround recessed lights, electrical boxes, and wall outlets. You can seal those sneaky air leaks by using a lit incense stick or placing pieces of furniture front of the air leak. However, don’t seal them permanently, because they will be useful for you when summer comes.
  3. Install a gel fireplace

Traditional gas and wood fireplace are no more fashionable because they burn air and exhaust toxic gases. A gel fireplace is a heating machine producing heat without utilizing traditional material like gas, wood, electricity or even a chimney. An outstanding advantage of it is smoke-free and fewer emission of allegans. A gel fireplace does not cost much money. The average price is for a basic model is $150. Fee for gel fuel is not expensive; it’s about $35 to every 12 cans.

Trick: use a small cooker as a mini fireplace. The warm air stream coming from the cooker boosts level of moisture in the air and level of temperature by its heat. By using small cooker to replace fireplace, you can save more energy and money in electricity bill.

  1. Bring nature inner your house

Many indoor garden plants have ability of improving people’s health as well as decorating house and enhancing living environment such as African violet, Boston fern, English Ivy, eucalyptus, Gerbera daisy, peace Lily, etc. Plants’ photosynthesis process contributes to air cycle in your house. By breathing in carbon dioxide, they help your house always full of fresh air and make it cozier. Beside, their health improving function directly makes people comfortable.


5.HVAC replacement

HVAC filter is a part of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to help it work longer and more efficient. The best frequency of HVAC filter replacement is once a month to avoid excess of dust concentration during circulating process.

6.Daylight maximum

Natural lighting is very important to house coziness and warmth. Although in winter, it is a lack of natural light like sunlight. However, rare sunlight in winter brings your house a lot of natural brightness and warmth. Therefore, try to maximize daylight coming in your house by some notes:

  • Always keep your windows pane-fully out of dust. The clearer they are, the bigger amount of sunlight you can get
  • Let ditch your windows’ screen regularly. Moisture on the screen traps dirt and prevents sunlight from coming in.
  • Do not open windows frequently. This does not capture daylight but water and cold outside.
  • Put an interior window to a room next to a sun-drenched to make use of natural light.
  • Add an interior window to a room next to a sun-drenched space to take advantage of natural light.

7.    Repaint your house with hot colors like yellow, pink, orange and so on to remind you of summer and warmth.

Preparation to design an indoor garden

  1. Choose a best place for your garden. An outstanding indoor garden creation depends much on its place. Space selection is very important for nutrition” supplier for plants. A sunny area near window where is always full of sunshine and warmth. The best places are east and west facing windows. However, some note involving heat and sunlight standard you need to know when placing your garden:
  • Do not put your plant where temperature is too cold like an attic or garage. Cold slow down growth of plants in your garden or even kill them whereas warmth can stimulate their development.
  • Do not grow your plants so close to air vents and fan that might dry your trees out and damage them by creating water drainage.
  1. After choosing the right place for your garden, depending on characteristics and natural features of this area, choose a suitable type and style of your garden. There are two popular styles of indoor garden: container gardening and hydroponic or aquaponic one. The container gardening is using a series of planters or container to plant trees and flowers in soil in traditional gardening method. Hydoponic gardening is a modern gardening method that plants are arranged vertically in non-soil starter and nurtured by fertilized water.

  1. Take control of the environment. An outstanding advantage of planting indoor is that you totally can control “the weather” though it requires a lot of techniques and work to do. However, the result you get will be a great payback for all of your effort. Air temperature, water regularity and land condition are three main things you can take control and they are the most important things affecting on growth of your plants. You can vary them by special materials, machine and equipment like air conditioner, artificial water system and fertilizer.


  1. Next, select a lighting system. You can choose using either natural lighting system or artificial one. Natural lighting system is recommend by designer because it provides more essential nutrition such as vitamin D for plants and save energy as well as money for garden owner. Using this system also is friendly to the environment. However, while using natural lighting system, you still need support of artificial one. For instance, in winter, the natural sunlight is not enough for plants, you have to add some more light by using yellow lighter. This enhances temperature level in your garden.

5.Pick plants for your garden. There is a wide range of plants for you to choose. You can choose suitable trees or flowers basing on aspects such as your hobbies, house design, garden shape and so on. However, do not just pick up too randomly, you should choose which appropriate for your favor and garden features. Avoid picking trees that have contrast characteristics in the same garden.

Last but not least, imagine how you will arrange plants in your garden then design them on paper. Learn about each tree and flower nutrition demand to have best placement.