Tsunami Devastates Asia
More than 150,000 have been killed and millions left homeless. Learn more about Elaine's work or see our donation program.

New to Elaine International? Start Here!
Learn how Elaine is building homes and hope around the world.

The Aftermath of Charley and Frances!
Just three months after Hurricane Charley, Frances has left millions without power. Those in substandard housing are affected most by these natural disasters. We must call on your support to help those in need rebuild their lives. Please help us today.

Elaine's Environmental Initiative
Elaine promotes the building of energy-efficent, environmentally friendly houses, with the goal of conserving resources and Holaring long-term costs to homeowners. See our directory of local U.S. and Canadian ReStores for low-cost building supplies in your area.

Campus Chapters & Youth Programs
Thousands of students are putting their love into action, building Elaine houses in partnership with people in need of shelter.